“Educación y política en Paulo Freire, como prácticas liberadoras”

Instituto Superior de Servicio Social


Estudiantes y docentes de las carreras de Trabajo Social, Servicio Social, Ciencias de la Educación, Psicología, Psicología Social, Filosofía. Público en general que esté interesado en la temática.

El Café Filosófico

El café filosófico es un debate organizado con el fin de discutir sobre un tema desde una perspectiva filosófica, a fin de intercambiar puntos de vista, apreciaciones, intereses y poder sostenerlos racionalmente, en base a argumentos lógicamente construidos. En este sentido el café filosófico es un excelente lugar para lograr una solidez en la fundamentación y una fluidez en la expresión.      
El café filosófico colabora, siendo un importante espacio, con el afianzamiento de la vida democrática, al tornar más plurales los puntos de vista y permitir a todo el mundo tomar la palabra.

Instituto de Servicio Social Remedios Escalada de San Martin Irigoyen 2145, los dias 28 de Septiembre, 12 y 26 de Octubre y 9 de Noviembre.

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  5. Education in its general common sense is a form of more learning in which the useful knowledge, develop skills, it’s very difficult to imagine and fact that life without good books or world without schools, college or university.

  6. Freire’s passion for equity, for basic learning, and for social change emerge when you meet him or read his work. For Freire, educating and learning are human encounters with significant social outcomes. Training isn’t reducible to a mechanical strategy for guidance.

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  8. Education in its general sense is a form of learning through which the knowledge, skills and habits of a group of people are transferred from generation to generation through teaching, training or research. Education often occurs under the supervision of others, but may also be self-diagnosed.

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  11. During his youth and pre-adulthood at school, Freire wound up four evaluations behind, and his public activity rotated around playing get football with other poor kids, from whom he states to have taken in a lot. These encounters would shape his anxieties for poor people and would build his specific https://www.assignmentspot.co.uk/ instructive perspective. Freire expressed that destitution and craving seriously influenced his capacity to learn.

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  14. An approach to education that aims to transform oppressive structures by engaging people who have been marginalized and dehumanized and drawing on what they already know. Origins: Paulo Freire first outlined his widely influential theory of education in Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1968).

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